Sunday, June 10, 2007

Victor "AFNS" Perera Eats Humble Pie as Political Masters Distance Themselves

In the latest developments of the whole "eviction" saga, the Prime Minister has indeed expressed regret and accepted responsibility for the unfortunate event, while saying that such incidents should not be repeated in the future. Kudos for this admission -- fingers crossed about the "investigation on who is behind the directive" though.

Proving true the claim onLWB that Victor "All Fart No Shit" Perera is capable of swallowing any punnaku soup the political masters have distanced themselves from his words, according to this piece appearing the Daily Mirror:

While rejecting Police Chief Victor Perera’s claim that the Tamil dwellers had left the lodges on their own accord, the Premier said, “Police had asked from them whether they want to go or not only after they were taken to Vavuniya and not while they were in Colombo.” [full story]

Why oh why we're wasting our tax money and heavy debt on these jackasses, I have no idea!

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Anonymous said...

So true, this is what happens when village idiots and thugs get voted into office!

Keep up the good work!!