Monday, June 4, 2007

Justice Prevails in the Arrest of Tiran Alles

"Accursed be he who plays with the devil."

A fair bit has been said and written about the arrest of Tiran Alles, the apparent mastermind of the Rajapaksa coup-de-tat against the Republic of Sri Lanka, vis-a-vis the Presidential election of 2005. The assumption of this post is that the reader is well aware of the basic facts behind the story, as published by the popular media in Sri Lanka.

Although the circumstances under which Tiran Alles has been questioned and arrested is indeed questionable, I am of the view that it is indeed justified. Furthermore, I see this as a rare occassion where the Rajapaksa administration, has delivered justice.

Tiran Alles has by his own admission stated that he indeed held discussions, and dealings with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam to ensure a "favorable outcome" during the election. This was done apparently under the instructions of them Prime Minister and Presidential candidate Mahinda Rajapaksa. The thought to ponder is, why-oh-why did Tiran Alles chose to engage in such blatantly illegal, unethical behaviors.

Such behavior, apart from being illegal and unethical, is in my opinion treason committed agasint the state -- where one engaged in activities to circumvent the will of the people. The fact that he was under the instructions f Mahinda Rajapakse or a close associate of Mangala Samaraweera is no excuse. While the fact that they, too, should be tried for the same crimes is an obvious fact, the point is for whatever reason they are not.

I can't really understand why Tiran Alles is playing the victim here, or how anyone can with a straight face say that he is. The only thing Tiran & Mangala can complain is that Mahinda Rajapaksa is not willing to turn a blind eye on the dirty work they have done. If he so chose to prostitute his ethics and morality, contrary to the strict discipline his father instilled in his students, then it is indeed upto him to face the consequences.

So, stress or no-stress Tiran Alles had better be prepared to pay for the crimes he committed. If he is about to take the other associates down along with him, so be it -- more the merrier. I hope the United National Party will not go out on a limb to save this traitor, but would rather focus its efforts to expose the true nature of the entire deal and expose everyone involved in this shameful affair.

"Accursed be he who plays with the devil."


Anonymous said...

I think Tiran deserves it. I don't think he paid anything to the LTTE or that the Tigers' decision was influenced by the Mihin Camp at all, but this man should be punished.

Priyalal said...

Tigers were anyway planning to get rid of Ranil,who was a Pain in the A** to LTTE. However Tiran & Co. wanted to ensure a boycott and ended up paying money to tigers-he has startted spilling the beans (all this while this man was keeping quiet).

I hope all those responsible including the Sri Rohana Janaranjana Punnakku Rala get what they deserve for this treacherous act.