Wednesday, June 13, 2007

New Committee to Study IIGEP Observations

Responding to the report of the International Independent Group of Eminent Persons (IIGEP) headed by Justice P.N. Bhagwati, President Rajapaksa is to soon appoint another commission to study the report.
The IIGEP was first appointed as a Presidential Commission of Inquiry to investigate the various allegations of human rights violations in Sri Lanka, including the abductions, murders and unlawful detention of people under trumped up charges. The IIGEP was cited by President Rajapaksa as an unbiased investigation by "prominent people" from "various countries" at various international fora, highlighting the commitment of his government towards law and order.

The recent report of the IIGEP among other things noted that the IIGEP is not "a substitute for robust, effective measures including national and international human rights monitoring" while also criticizing the involvement of the attorney general's department citing obvious conflicts of interest. (public statement from IIGEP)

Responding to this latest report, President Rajapaksa is to appoint a newer committee to observe the findings of the International Independent Group of Eminent Persons, and to investigate whether the IIGEP in fact acted in a professionally and independently as its mandate required.

The new committee, known as the Universal Autonomous Assembly of Prominent Personalities is to be appointed soon and nominations are currently being considered. Local and world leaders have reportedly been contacted by the Presidential Secretariat inviting them to nominate individuals. Some of the leaders contacted include Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, Pervez Musharraf, Mervyn Silva, Dick Chaney and of course, Robert Mugabe.

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C'mon....if you were going to make this believable Gothabaya would have been the Chairperson!

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