Sunday, June 24, 2007

From 7-Eleven to Defense Secretary - The Legacy of Rajapaksa Nepotism (

A few weeks back, I think I noted somwehre about Gatabhaya Rajapaksa's occupation in the United States, stating that rumor was he was a security manager at a grocery store. Not quite so. Turns out he was just a "manager" of a 7-Eleven store, as mentioned in the Economist magazine. The following paragraph is what the magainze had to say about Rajapaksa nepotism, while highlighting the war in Sri Lanka.

"Wary of political allies, Mr Rajapakse has appointed his three brothers to run important ministries. He has nabbed the ministries of finance, defence and public works for himself. Together, the brothers Rajapakse control over 70% of Sri Lanka's budget. The defence budget, which was increased by 40% this year, is being overseen by the unelected Gotabhaya Rajapakse. A former fire-eating army officer who spent 17 years in America, at one time managing a 7-Eleven store, Mr Rajapakse has proved as bellicose as Mr Prabhakaran and General Fonseka combined."

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Priyalal said...

From 7/11 to 24/7 in advising the president of Sri Lanka!!

7/11 is an outlet of a "Sillara Kadaya" chain in certain countries. It is evident that this Rajapakse Sibling is putting to good use his experience in running the Sillara Kadey (Grocery Shop),in governing the country.

Rajapakse Pte Ltd, Practices "Sillara" Policies in day to day governance....