Thursday, June 7, 2007

Beating a Dead Horse: Names Named as State Sponsored Abductions Continue Unabated

This probably is truly beating a dead horse, but beating it must be done (lest the horse does not drink the water it was lead to). It started with abductions of Tamil businessmen, and extended to the Muslim community, and has now made the transition to the Sinhalese as well.

What is all the more shocking -- no wait, I take that back. What is all the more interesting is the little or no effort done by the authorities to stem these recent developments. The little or no effort, however, can be attributed to the growing perception that the government and the security forces are indeed behind these activities.

Accusations are made directly at top government personalities by none other than coalition partner JVP and the main opposition party, the UNP. Such accusations, were made formally during the emergency debate in Parliament by JVP MP Ramalingam Chandrasekaran and UNP MP Laxman Seneviratne.

One instance that seems to directly implicate highly connected officials include a recent abduction in Kandy, where a businessman was lured in with an apparent meeting with a prospective client. The folks who called in the ransom has assured the "delivery-person" safe passage all the way to Kandy from Colombo, without questions being asked at security check-points.

Among the accused for direct involvement of abductions, demands for ransom and murders are government spokesman Keheliya Rambukwella, Mervyn Silva, Colombo DIG Rohan Abeywardane, former Air Force squadron leader Nishantha Gajanayake, and defence secratary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa.

Mr. Victor "All-Fart-No-Shit" Perera, in the meantime continues his tough-talking to the media while the public in general lives on with nothing but a sense of fear to look forward to.

Reproduced on LWB is a clip of AFNS Victor Perera talking to the media, around the 20th of May.

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Anonymous said...

The situation is clearly out of control. With the President and his brothers shamelessly controlling all deals like never before, other ministers' ability to steal has been drastically curtailed. Hence they resort to kidnapping for commercial purposes, amidst the confusion of Defense Ministry kidnappings. The President cannot act as there is plenty of dirt on his and his brother's deals to throw back. Gota & Basil (Mr 20% now, thanks to money printing inflation) also know they can do whatever they want for the same reason. We are now truly a banana republic, hurtling towards Mugabeland.