Saturday, June 9, 2007

Aney Manda Sarath!!

Percy : Aney manda Sarath, what do you think you’re doing?
Sarath : errr… what now?
Percy : What do you think you’re doing, stopping the Tamils from being evicted?
Sarath : My job, perhaps?
Percy : Righttt… so you are doing your “job” now, all of a sudden.. You’re making life difficult for me
Sarath : ea kiwwe?
Percy : This is not the first time you’ve ruled against my government. First you went and gave that Brigadier a promotion. Then you said brother Gota doesn’t have the authority to close down Tiran’s business… and now this… What the…
Sarath : Watch your language Percy… I’ll hold you in contempt…
Percy : Aney mey… umbei magei contempt!!
Sarath : Percy, listen now. You can’t be acting like a bull in the china-shop just because you’ve got the brains and the balls to match. You’ve got to get about these things in rather diplomatic way…
Percy : bull in the mokak?
Sarath : Son – look, I helped you double cross the lady and eventually land in this job. And now that WE are here, it’s important to stay here. What these idiots was doing was about to create a major international condemnation against us…
Percy : Condemn karanna accident ekak uney naa ne… Ceylinco VIP eken gevai
Sarath : Gono…
Percy : Yes?
Sarath : Mung karapu booru wade nisaa api thava podden nombara eke parippuvak kanava. Umbata mathaka nedda Indiyaaven baapu parippu packet?
Percy : Appata hudu – aththa thamai… Mata danui therune… Machang, umba nang deiyyek Sarath. Honda velaavata navaththuve!
Sarath : Yes. I have set the stage for you… Now all you have to do is blame some idiots and wash your hands off the whole incident
Percy : Righttt… Mata innava nombara ekey porak – ekata ona punnakku soup ekak powanna puluwan.
Sarath : Kawda pora?
Percy : Victor Pada-Show Perera… Mama oota poddak benala, inquiry ekak daanang… ethakota okkoma hari!
Sarath : Hmmm… sounds ok
Percy : Ehenang mang gehin ennang… Bohoma isthoothi machang support ekata!
Sarath : Shape shape… api passe balaagamuko…


Ravana said...

Loved the post. One point thought, Chief Justice Sarath De Silva was actually not present in the Supreme Court for the hearing. It was the other supreme court judge (Amaratunga?) who had apparently pushed it through.

LankaWhistleBlower said...

True, but Sarath is the one who appoints the bench... And he's known to appoint the bench to influence things the way he wants, sometimes.

That's how he managed to sideline Mark Fernando, forcing him into retirement.