Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sripati Exposes Multi-Million Dollar Rajapakse-LTTE Deal in Parliament

Sripati Sooriyarachchi recently made shocking admissions in the Parliament of Sri Lanka regarding a monetary exchange between Gotabaya Rajapakse and the LTTE, with the approval of then presidential candidate Mahinda Rajapakse.

The deal, according to the revelations made was to "assure" the support of the LTTE for the Rajapakse-campaign vis-a-vis blocking the northern-Tamil populace from voting at the election. This proved to be a crucial turnaround in the election, which Rajapakse went on win with a razor-thin majority.

The following video clips (broken down due to size/time restrictions by YouTube) shows MP Sripati Sooriyarachchi making these revelations and allegations against the self-proclaimed war-hero Gotabaya Rajapakse. Gotabaya Rajapakse served in the Sri Lanka Army for a brief period before deserting the ranks and fleeing to the United States, where he has assumed permanent residency as a preliminary step towards citizenship.

Clip 1 - Prelude -- MP Range Bandara Sets the Pace

Clip 2 - Sripati Makes Exposure, Acknowledges, and Offers Evidence

Clip 3 - Conclusion


Priyalal said...

Thanks Whistle Blower for publsihing this.
Shows how Rajapakse Brothers are cheating & ruining the country.

Neluka said...

Amazing stuff... I voted for Mahinda and now i'm regretting it like hell... Did they really have a secret deal with the tigers? I'm shocked and angry at the same time..

Anonymous said...

neluka, you are not alone....

Anonymous said...

Did you see the speaker not allowing the Sripathi to speak? It is pathetic to see how he tries to ignore showing laws and stuff.

From Sripathi's face and body language one could see if he's lying or not.

Do I need to say?

Neluka said...

I did a lot more research and now i'm getting to terms with reality. It never struck me to ask why the LTTE wanted Ranil uncle defeated..

My fatehr voted for Ranil, mother abstained and me and my 2 brothers voted for Mahinda blindly.

What can ever be done if the Parliament select committee finds the rajapakses guilty of nourishing the LTTE in order to get Ranil defeated??

I had nothing against Ranil, the only thing which bugged me was the news I got that he wanted to sell the country off to the tigers. But now I think the rhetoric was all bull s****.

Anonymous said...

I hope Sri Lankans are not stupid enough to believe what Mr. Sripathi is saying. He has no proof of anything. He is just running his mouth like a dog.

Okay, I am gonna accuse that "Buddha gave billion dollars to LTTE because Praba promised to convert to buddhism." Did any one believe me? I hope not.

Sripathi is doing the same thing, just making accusations. Anyone could make accusation, but without PROOF, its nothing. Why did Sripathi wait until he gets sacked from his ministry to make accusations?

Also, MIG deal. Man, if anyone could find a place to buy a MIG for a cheaper $$$$, please let me know. I could let the defense ministry know about it.

Anonymous said...

Whether Sripathi is saying the truth or not, I think the government being totally silent about is very strange. If Sripathi is making things up, why does the government want to appoint him as a minister again?