Monday, May 21, 2007

Over US$4 Million to Fund Mahinda Rajapaksa's Foreign Visits

A small fact finding effort and calculation by LWB has revealed that Sri Lankan President has spent over $4 million dollars over the last two years to fund as much as twelve visits. While such travel is expected from a head-of-state, what makes this figure significant is that Rajapaksa's combined delegations adds up to over 640 during this same period.

In calculating this figure, various news reports and official press-releases were used to obtain information on the number of days the visit lasts, and the number of members in the delegation. A fully-loaded cost of US$1,200/day/member was estimated considering the daily allowance of US$500 given to travelling members and other costs such as hotel, food, telephone, drinks and incidentals (shopping?).

Airfare and charter-costs are not included in this figure. However, I would guess that each charter-flight would cost a few-hundred thousand dollars at least.

At a time when Sri Lanka is increasingly receiving negative reactions from the international community, and President Rajapaksa himself declaring he doesn't really care what other countries have to say, what benefits these visits have accrued to the country would be an interesting question. Trade? Investment? Aid?

Kawda Mewata Waga Kiyanne?


Sam said...

If I remember correct, Sri Lanka make around 10 million a year from tourism, and we spend 40% back on foreign tours. Brilliant eh?

Priyalal said...

Jordon tour group is 92.
There are 179 seats in MIHIN AIR.

Naginda Naginda...Mihin eke ida thiyenawa....

Jack Point said...

According to LBO, tourism earnings are 410.3m dollars.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I recently got a p4 PC assembled for 40000 rupees.
Now $4 million dollars in rupees means:
4000000 x 110.8 = 443200000/=

With that money 11080 computers can be provided for schools.

Anonymous said...

This is highway robbery. Why dont u give this information to media, so called free to highlight and keep the voter educated. Going right round the world President & Opposion leader try to cheat /fool the voter all the time. Paying bribe to MPP by way of 100000/- monthly rent, allowing duty free car loans, for which tme monthly payment figure cannot met by the monthly salary of MPP. Even JVP Anlanumma lady MP has obtained a loan?

Pillai said...

he's the president. he can rob as much as he wants.... those are privileges of being the president... jaya weva