Saturday, May 19, 2007

Sinister Moves Behind the Investigation of Morawewa Thero's Murder

Investigations are not compltete yet. However, Mahinda Rajapaksa "confirms" it was the LTTE.
East is "completely liberated" LTTE threat reduced by 95%. Yet, monks are being assassinated.

News Report:
A Buddhist monk in Morawewa has alleged the involvement of several state officials in the assassination of chief monk of the Pabbatharama Viharaya, Morawewa, Ven. Handungamuwe Nandarathana Thero last Sunday.

Chief incumbent of Morawewa Sri Gajaba Gallen Rajamaha Viharaya, Ven. Kalutara Somarathana Thero observed that although investigations have revealed the real assassins of Ven. Nandarathana Thero, the probe was currently at a standstill due to pressure from higher authorities.

The Thero told The Sunday Leader that the LTTE was not involved in the assassination and that it was carried out by people known well by Ven. Nandarathana Thero.

"How can the government say the LTTE killed the Thero when LTTE activities in this area has been reduced by 95%. It is unfair to make such a statement. Also, the assassins were known to the Thero," he said.

"How can the government or anyone claim it was the LTTE when investigations were in the initial stages?" the Thero questioned.

According to the Thero, informed sources have revealed to him that the investigation could no longer proceed as the President had declared the LTTE to be the assassins. "So now even if the investigations have proven otherwise, they say they cannot proceed with it. It is unfair as the real assassins are free. The officers investigating have not been given the order to proceed with the investigation," the Thero said.

Ven. Somarathana Thero explained that on the day of the assassination, Ven. Nandarathana Thero was on his bike getting ready to visit the Thaulwewa army camp when two motorcycles approached him at the temple.

"Ven. Nandarathana Thero had looked at those who were on the bikes and said, 'Ah, good that you came.' Do these words not say that the Thero knew his assailants," he asked.

According to Ven. Somarathana Thero, the assassinated monk had earlier written a letter on the threats to his life by several people including another monk and several laymen, but there was no mention of any threat from the LTTE.

"Ven. Nandarathana Thero was criticised by some for his actions. He always tried to bridge the gap between races. He also took the initial step of ordaining a Tamil youth, many criticised this. Many accused him of being an LTTE sympathiser," Ven. Somarathana Thero said.

He also observed that some internet pages have carried stories accusing Ven. Nandarathana Thero of being an LTTE sympathiser and had accused him of attending a Pongu Thamil festival as well. "The LTTE has not claimed responsibility for the assassination and has said the monk worked for the betterment of the people irrespective of class or creed," Ven. Somarathana Thero said.

Ven. Somarathana Thero also said that he was in possession of the letter written by Ven. Nandarathana Thero on the threat to his life and that he would present it to the police for investigation.

"Ven. Nandarathana Thero always fought for what was right and was always with the people trying to bridge the gap between the races," Ven. Somarathana Thero said.


Anonymous said...

MR PERCY is the real crook and fraud.

Java Jones said...

Wonder from where the President got his information? And also why is it that the Sangha doesn't utter a word of protest? The letter should be interesting!

Kosala said...

Rajapakse is always blaming the LTTE or Ranil. irrespective whether he's making a fool out of himself coz only gullible idiots believe him.. The latest is that they're blaming Ranil for the defeat of Sri Lanka at the Cricket World cup apparently because he has "demoralized" them by complaining that Sri Lanka (government) doesn't respect Human Rights.... What a joker Mahinda is. It's time he's overthrown

Anonymous said...

Hey people remain calm, The Bandaranaiyakes are gonna take back the SLFP which is rightfully theirs very soon

We might or might not get into an alliance with the UNP but one thing is for sure we will work to defeat the tigers/rajapakses.....

Mangala has gone to set the strategies in motion. Remember the revolution in 1994 was planned in London and the newest revolution is currently being worked out in London too. We will do everything possible to kick this UNP (yes most of them are UNPers from the CB governor and the Foreign Minister to the Chairman of Lakehouse) regime out of power

Trying to oust the bandaranayaikes from politics is only a dream.

L said...

Anon above, you are not calming me down. In fact you are making me feel worse.

Its like the cycle of corruption and nepotism is being perpetuated by these people in London.

How can a political party "belong" to anyone...and even worse a particular family? A democracy is where the government is supposed to be "of the people by the people for the people"...not a government "of a family, by a family for a family".

Are Sri Lankans supposed to be grateful that one ruling family is being replaced by another?