Monday, May 21, 2007

Back to The Future: Abductions, Assassinations & Burnt Bodies

A collection of a recent wave of murders in Sri Lanka. Significant to note is that these do not seem to be murders done for personal issues, and that they are not in the so-called "operational areas."

Mahaoyawatte – 3 decapitated bodies (27-Apr, 2006)
Avissavella – 2 decapitated bodies
Panadura – 1 dead body in a van (10-Jun, 2006)
Colombo – 1 person assassinated in a mosque (30-Jun, 2006)
Ambalangoda -- 2 people assassinated (30-Jun, 2006)
Negombo – Abductee found dead, shot in the head (8-Oct, 2006)
Hanvella – 1 decapitated body (26-Nov, 2006)
Wennappuwa – 1 dead body (14-Jan, 2007)
Bandaragama – 1 dead body, bound & burnt (15-May, 2007)


Sam said...

Aren’t those simple failures in basic policing?

LankaWhistleBlower said...

More like big-ass failures of the basics, I would say.

RTC said...

All your figures are inadequate. The list above is not exhaustive at all... At least 10-15 abductions are being carried out daily (only in the south) and most of them end up with the murder of those innocent people.. Mahinda the champion of HRs back then is a big hypocrtie!!!!

LankaWhistleBlower said...

The list is not meant to be comprehensive. It's just a summary of what's mentioned in the news-report.

I am trying to compile a more comprehensive list. Maybe I could get hold of a list that is already published somewhere. Any help would be appreciated.