Saturday, May 19, 2007

Heard It Through the Grapevine

Foreign Affairs - Bungling Bogollagama
Rumor has it that the ministry of Foreign Affairs is about to go up in flames, this time about a pretty lady Bogollagama brought over from the Board of Investment. She is apparently now heading the "Economic" section of the Ministry. According to the grapevine, sparks are all set to fly this week. Hmm.... Wolfowitz, seems like you've got company.

Me Tarzan. Tarzan Like Girl.
Wimal Weerawansa's tryst with a girl from the villages, whom he brought to Colombo and got employed at Lake House has taken yet another turn. This time, it was the Mrs who had gone and made a complaint against this girl with the Police. Rumor is that Weerawansa approached someone at Temple Trees, trying to put a lid on the investigation. Let's see whether Tarzan starts howling once trying to deflect the issue.


Anonymous said...

These two comments are almost verbatim to ones found in The Sunday Leader (20 May ) "Nutshell" column. Is the Lankan Whistle Blower anyway connected to Leader Publications?

LankaWhistleBlower said...

Yeah, they were just published in the SL. Since it's a paid subscription, I thought it might be good to share with others for free. I don't think Lasantha will mind :)

I'm not connected to the Sunday Leader, except being a fan and avid reader of it.

Anonymous said...

It's better to quote from the Leader than tupence newspapers like the Island, Observer, Nation, Lakbima etc..

Anonymous said...

It'd be a good idea if you would cite your sources next time...

Just in case...

Jack Point said...

What you are doing is good stuff but it is important to maintain credibility.

When quoting always acknowledge sources, especially if you have no independent verification of the facts.

The Sunday Leader is worth reading, but I don't attach too much to what they say unless I can verify the info independently.

That newspaper is characterised by sloppiness - it is poorly written and edited and badly printed. Some writers can't even spell. I regard it as a gossip sheet, they repeat all the gossip doing the rounds, which is useful to know but then one has to do ones own investigation verify facts.

I have found them to make mountains out of molehills and occasionally get their wires crossed.

LankaWhistleBlower said...

True about Sunday Leader making mountains of molehills sometimes.

As for their writing skills, I overlook that fact and the poor-quality prints since I'm not really reading it for its literacy value (although it's important for a newspaper).

That said, I admire the guys who work there for being so fearless in reporting facts and doing really good investigative journalism at a time when the Sunday Times (including Iqbal Athas, to a lesser degree) backed down.

The folks at Leader very rarely get their facts wrong though. They've accurately describe all the conspiracy theories in SL including how Chandrika planned taking over the UNP government, and information about cabinet decisions, deals, etc.

The fact that no goverment or official has taken them to courts and challenged their reporting for fear of greature exposure in court is probably the greatest tribute to this fact.

Even the CJ who took SB to task did not want to mess with the Leader.