Saturday, May 19, 2007

Ali-Koti Givisuma & Ranil Lokka

Lakshman Seneviratne speaks about the so-called Ali-Koti Givisuma, and the folks who should have and may have benefited from it.


Roshini said...

Can you post the link to that flickr badge with all those mahinda cartoons?.... By the way thanks for informing us about the mahinda koti givisuma... Now we all know who the real tigers are! Keep up the good work

LankaWhistleBlower said...

Click on the badge, and it'll take you to the pics on flickr.
The direct link is;

Roshini said...

Thanks... They're very funny..Still wondering how come I never got any of these even as fwd's... Cheers

Prabath said...

In this speech Lakshman Seneviratne says 'we'll (UNP)look after our own problems' - but I doubt why so called Ranil 'lokka' begged Ms. Nirupama Rao, the previous Indian ambassador, to help him to stop UNP MPs joining the government.

Sam said...

I guess international relation is pretty much acceptable method in politics this age of time.

It is not the first time Sri Lankan politics beg front of India. When last time Sri Lankan politicians tried be above India, they gift us LTTE.. airdrops front of military camps...Send Indian army down here... So on and on.

Gandhi once said Sri Lanka is India's little daughter. Hey. We can always pretend like it is not.

Prabath said...

But this is the first time a political party begged from India to help them solve their internal problems.

Anonymous said...

Prabath you geek the UNP can do anything as it pleases as the UNP is the only party in Sri Lanka that has something called an image....

It's true all right wing/conservative parties are alligned with the UNP but what astonishes me is the level of support Ranil is getting from traditional SLFP backing international parties like the Indian Congress and the Chinese Communist party.... The only party that will ultimately remain with the SLFP will be the LTTE. (We all know the secret deals they had and still have together)

If you were born in the 80s you would've known how Sirimavo (a great leader of the SLFP unlike the current fisherman leader) looked towards india to stop her son and Maithree from supporting the UNP by taking the SLFP to court.....

The UNP still remains in tact despite the number in parliament. Even if Ranil leaves the party no votes will go with him. the late Premadasa in a rally in Keselwatte had said "even if I leave the party if i contest seperately from the elephant I can't muster even 100 votes"

Mahen said...

Well said "anonymous". Ya totally agree with you about the deals these shameless buggers had with the tigers to defeat Ranil... Though the known figure is about 1000 Million some say it could have even been 2600-2900 million. No wonder they have money to buy so many planes

L said...

Just wondering. People keep talking about UNP or SLFP, Ranil or Mahinda.

Aren't there any alternatives (apart from JVP and all those Urumayas).

What about independents? Any stand outs?

Also, personalities appear to be discussed above policies (though must admit it does add some spice to things).

Priyalal said...

When did Ranil 'Lokka' Begged in fornt of Nirupama Rao?
What I know is:
India wanted Ranil & Mahinda to safegaurd the MOU between PA & UNP.
Ranil replied saying he will be unbale to do so if Mahinda spoil the spirit by picking up menebrs from his party.
Infact, Ranil was of the opinion that those who wanted to go should be allowed to go as they were creating trouble.

Only PEH (Punnakku Eating Hooters-Punnakku is fed by Lakehouse,ITN & Rupavahini)would believge suchy crap as Ranil begging Nirupa Rao.

For your information, Ranil commands more respect from India(or from other country for that matter)than this crook Mahinda.

Mahinda's popularity which was built by "cheap shows to the gallery" is fast being eroded,as people are realizing the relaity..It is left to be seen who will have to "beg" in front of everybody...very soon.

Sam said...

Still, Ranil miserably fail to sack CJ in the first place. I’m utterly disappointed at his leadership skills since then.