Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sonali Samarasinghe Gets it all Wrong

According to news reports, CID officials are said to have visited the office of Leader Publications to question investigative journalist Sonali Samarasinghe. Sonali writes revealing investigative pieces that appear in the The Sunday Leader, The Morning Leader and Irudina newspapers.

During interrogations that lasted from 9am to 2pm, She has been questioned about the sources, methods and procedures of her investigations. Of course, when she refused to divulge her sources the CID had threatened to take her to courts.

Sonali thinks that this is an attack on the free media of the country. Damn wrong!

See, the CID wanted to learn something from her. Having failed to successfully conduct a single investigation whether it be Tiran Alles' links to the LTTE, Helping Hambantota funds, GoldQuest, or Johnston Fernando stealing cutlery, so on and so forth, the CID has finally realized that they are nothing but a bunch of pansies who are incapable carrying out proper investigations.

Thus, the only thing they wanted was to have Ms. Samarasinghe give them a nice lesson on investigative tactics and ethics. Pavu ne, to accuse them of trying to harass the media?!?

Vandinna giya devale oluve kadan vatuna!!

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Priyalal said...

May be they wanted to give some "very friendly advice" similar what "Goat" gave daily Mirror editror Ms.Champika Liyanasrchchi.
Or a friendy white van ride..

Pawne...inncocent government-sorry,I mean the Rajapakse & Bros (Pvt)Ltd being accused for everything..